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a year in the life ~

When our family moved to Arizona – I realized we were living in a “whole new world.”  Leaving our gorgeous studio in Dillon was especially difficult, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to start all over again – with business, I mean.  In Montana, God had given me this amazing gift to be able to be home with the kids and bring in a little extra income.  He continued to bring in clients and my business continued to grow.  When we moved to Arizona, I knew that everyone in our family would need time – time to get used to this new place, time to meet friends, time to find a church, time to find schools . . . we would need time to adjust.

I didn’t know how I would be able to do it all – market and build a new business, continue to provide income for our family, and give everyone the time we ALL needed  – to adjust.  God is so faithful, though, and he introduced me to a woman, whom had a new idea for business.  She opened a studio in which photographers could maintain their own business, but begin to collaborate with other photographers of different specialties.


Photo Fusion Studio - Scottsdale
Susan, Everardo, and Photo Fusion Studio have been the answer I needed to keep Patchwork Photography moving forward but allowing for time . . . to take it a bit slower.

We have been here in Arizona for almost three years. It seems so hard to even fathom.  Three years have gone by in a flash!  Shortly after I moved into Photo Fusion in Old Town Scottsdale, I met an amazing young couple whom had just had their first baby.  They have a dog grooming boutique just around the corner from the studio.  If you didn’t know, Oh My Dog, is Scottsdale’s top dog destination!!!  🙂

Anyway, I met this wonderful couple, Bruce and Jackie, when their little one was just three months, and they didn’t want to miss ONE MOMENT!  Well, Brady just turned one a few months ago, and I wanted to share a few images from his first year here with him mom and dad.  Can’t even believe it’s been a year . . .

Enjoy these images . . . they are an amazing family.

Scottsdale Family Photographer050
Scottsdale Family Photographer051
Scottsdale Family Photographer052
Scottsdale Family Photographer053
Scottsdale Family Photographer054
Scottsdale Family Photographer055
Scottsdale Family Photographer056
Scottsdale Family Photographer057
Scottsdale Family Photographer058
Scottsdale Family Photographer059
Scottsdale Family Photographer060
Scottsdale Family Photographer061
Scottsdale Family Photographer062
Scottsdale Family Photographer063
Scottsdale Family Photographer064
Scottsdale Family Photographer065
Scottsdale Family Photographer066
Scottsdale Family Photographer067
Scottsdale Family Photographer068

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