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. . . birthday reflections and montana weddings . . .

This weekend, it was my birthday. I love my birthday. Actually, it might be safe to say, I love parties, and I use myView full post »

. . . planning a wedding . . .

My husband I got married two weeks after he graduated from high school.  We went to Disneyland on our honeymoon. WeView full post »

. . . first family heirloom . . .The Wedding Album

“When are you going to settle down, plant your roots?” ~ We just moved to Arizona, as many of you know,View full post »

. . . the storm . . .

. . . between the black sky and the blue . . . i love you.   Several years ago, I started this blog – IView full post »

. . . forever friends . . . e&c part 2!

Sometimes I think that no matter what decision I make . . . my kids will need counseling when they grow up. ~ SometimesView full post »

. . . fun facts . . . E & C Part 1 . . .

E&C ~ Eric and Carlie . . . Part One . . . ~ ~ There are 116 different shades of pink * sixty-nine percent ofView full post »

. . . home is where your heart is . . .

I am sitting in the Louisville airport awaiting our flight to head home. Home. Seems so strange to think thatView full post »

. . . from Montana to Arizona . . .

God’s timing is perfect. ~ As many of you may know, Stefan got a teaching job in Arizona.  We are super excitedView full post »

. . . glowing . . .

glowing. today is a good day. my dear friend emily is getting married today. years and years of dreaming andView full post »

. . . an irish wedding blessing . . .

~ these past few days have been days of reflection for me.  I have said it so many times here, that I can’tView full post »

. . . picture of success . . .

my husband is an athlete. ~ i am not. ~ sometimes i wonder how in the world we ever got together . . . i don’tView full post »

All I Want Is You

  A look can say a thousand things. You know it’s true. I know that you have given and received them. I’veView full post »

. . . something to remember . . .

I was hustling around putting dinner in the oven, feeling so badly that we were 20 minutes late already and it stillView full post »

. . . without you . . .

Congratulations to Joe and Holly Glennon!!!! ~ I loved you since the very first day When I caught you looking myView full post »

. . . changing seasons . . .

sometimes i like to pretend i can do it all that it isn’t ever too much i think i tell myself that lie . . . andView full post »

. . . worth the wait . . .

~ I have to admit – I have been a bit selfish with this wedding – keeping it all for myself . .View full post »

. . . why patchwork photography? . . .

~ every time i send an e-mail, i wonder why in the world i chose such a long name to represent our photography businessView full post »

.. . .all because the Broncos lost . . .

If you will remember, Jeremy and Kaya are married today, because once – a long time a go – theView full post »

. . .three weekends . . .three weddings . . . AMAZING!!!

  Stay tuned this week for some “peaks” into some amazing weddings!! ~man, these brides areView full post »

. . . a match made in Heaven . . .

~ these past weeks, i have been reminded how fast life seems to go – from my past clients. many of you may know,View full post »

. . . the day i became and artist . . .

feeling unsettled today . . . do you know that feeling . . . when something just doesn’t seem right? maybe it’s becauseView full post »

. . .the purple box . . .

there is something wonderful about a secret ~ there is something wonderful about sharing something – just the twoView full post »

. . . stories . . . that last.

08.15.2011  Emily Beck   ~   ~   When I get a bad case of nostalgia or severe boredom, I startView full post »

. . . a hint of love . . .

~ yesterdays wedding has me wondering . . . yesterdays wedding has me thinking about love . . . and our participationView full post »

. . . the veil . . .

 07.28.2011  Emily Beck After your polished feet slowly journey down the pearled walkway, your heart beats faster inView full post »

. . . simple elegance . . .

~ i met megan on the phone. i met megan about eight weeks before her wedding. ~ yes.  this sweet girl putView full post »

. . . today is the day . . .

Well!  Today is the day! ~ Today is the day that Cole and Asheley have been thinking about and planning for a long timeView full post »

John and Megan

Congratulations to John and Megan! 07-09-2011View full post »

“. . . who gives this bride?”

07.08.2011  Emily Beck     ~     ~ Father of the Bride. Have you seen it? If not, get off yourView full post »

. . .the “perfect” bouquet for a bride . . .

06.30.2011 Emily Beck   An important part of a bride’s wedding ensemble is her bouquet. Along with theView full post »

. . .absence makes the heart grow fonder . . .


wedding dresses . . .

When I (Emily) was 16 years old, I had my first job at a wedding dress and tuxedo rental store. Strange coincidence,View full post »

to the june bride . . .

So excited to have some new inspiration around here!  Wedding season is in full swing, and we are hopeful that this mayView full post »

wedding season…. . . is here!!!!!

    Beginnings. . . .   Girls and Boys. . . .   Adventures.. . .   One committing their lives to another . .View full post »

the love story is never over . . .

Sometimes the story is just best told by those whom are in it. . . Meet Jason and Amy . . . (to view a slideshow ofView full post »

generations of love and marriage. . .

all weddings are emotional all kinds of emotions joy, sadness, worry, hope, laughter, and tears all weddings have anView full post »

A Montana Wedding . . .

This was my last wedding of the season. This was my last wedding of the season, and because I was eight monthsView full post »

little church on the hill . . .

This blog post is long overdue.  Long, long overdue. This wedding is one that I have been dying to show all ofView full post »

Cinderella, goldfish, and a John Deere tractor

“What do you think will be unique about your wedding?” I ask all my couples this question. “What doView full post »

First Look

As I close one wedding season, brides are already planning for next summer!  With each bridal consultation, we oftenView full post »

shots of tequila . . .

“I will hire you—on one condition . . . you may not DATE my daughter!”  These are the words Mr. Stordahl of Triple SView full post »

rain on your wedding day . . .

So, I have heard it said, that rain on your wedding day is good luck.  not many brides buy it.  Rain just causesView full post »

Montana High Country Wedding

Oh, how I loved this wedding.  This sweet couple was fun, relaxed, had an artsy flare, and were a bit quirky .  . . redView full post »

Mr. and Mrs.

  Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Willauer!  August 28, 2010   and they lived happily ever after . . .    View full post »

Creative Brides . . .

Three unbelievable weddings in the last two weekends – I don’t even know where to begin!  The past coupleView full post »

Pinecones and Limes . . .

As many of you know, we are expecting baby #6 . . . And like all pregnant women, I have been super, super lazy!  I haveView full post »

Cowboy Wedding

  I sat here on this very chair several weeks ago, thinking about how much must have happened in this room.  I wasView full post »

What could be more classy than an apple martini?

  I have been so excited to post the images from this incredible wedding!  In fact, I think you will be able to tellView full post »

We’ve Eloped!

  We’ve Eloped!  This is what the front of their announcement read!  We’ve eloped. For Alan and Mallory,View full post »

Three Weddings . . .

Three weddings . . . three weekends – just a taste of the fabulous brides and grooms we have had the COMPLETEView full post »

All I am, I give to you . . .

Comfortable, sincere, loving, gentle, fun – these and many other words describe this incredibly sweet coupleView full post »

Happy Anniversary!

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Fisk, on your anniversary ~ 2 years!!  Amazing.  I just wanted to remind you of what aView full post »

It’s Your Wedding Day!!!!

Yes, Maygen, today is your day!  A day fit for a pricess – your wedding day!  No longer is it like 151 days, orView full post »

Photography Workshop

There are so many things that I love about my job.  Above all ~ it is meeting and being with new people!  It alwaysView full post »

Valentine’s Day Flowers (Montana Wedding Photography)

    Valentines Day just doesn’t seem to be the same without flowers.  So, if you didn’t get any flowersView full post »

first look . . . (Colorado Wedding Photography)

Like in a fairytale, many women dream about that moment when their groom sees them walking down the aisle for the firstView full post »

bliss . . . (Colorado Wedding Photography)

bliss:     1.   perfect happiness; serene joy          View full post »

the Party . . . {Colorado Wedding}

Sometimes you can tell a group or a person by their picture – at least that should be the plan.  Well, there areView full post »

Chris and Jamie {Colorado Wedding}

Here is where it all begins~the wedding dress. . .   Two weeks ago, at this moment, I had the complete joy of watchingView full post »

Butch and Maygen {Wyoming Wedding}

  Stefan and I have been married for 11 1/2 years.  We married two weeks out of high school, and so often times I feelView full post »

Happy New Year from Chris and Jamie Winkler and from Patchwork Photography!View full post »

a little break

looking forward to the holidays, and a much need break . . . sincerely hope all of you get to take a little time forView full post »

Wedding Day Bliss (Portland Wedding Photography)

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Terry Robinson!   You can view there wedding album atView full post »

beautiful moments

“life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the number of moments that take our breathView full post »

Montana Bride

This afternoon, I received a call from Katalin Green, publisher of Montana Bride.  She was calling to make sure I knewView full post »


This week I was reminded how much I love dancing.  I love dancing with my husband; I love dancing with my kiddos; IView full post »


My posts are LOOOOOOONG overdue on this blog! And not because I haven’t been out shooting~ Oh myView full post »

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