Kind words


Patchwork delivers an exceptional product. If that were all, it would be worth booking them. But they go beyond by creating images that capture the personalities of the individuals and the uniqueness of each wedding. The thing that makes Patchwork a triple threat in the photography world, and the best in my book, is their uncanny ability to make each person comfortable in front of the camera. I love having my picture taken and they draw that spunk out of me even more. My fiance would rather scrub a tub than have his picture taken, but because of Patchwork, he enjoyed our day of engagement photos as the special day together that it was. Our photos are phenomenal and we are so thankful we went with Patchwork Photography!

A Perfect Job for Us!

I would not trade anything about my choice to have Christina (and Stefan) shoot my wedding.  I don't care to have my picture taken and I never thought about that once when working with Christina. She listens to you with her heart.  Without you seeing what she is doing, she pieces together a beautifully woven story of your wedding, YOUR story. I look at my pictures and fall in love again. My looks and my groom's capture us to a tee...our patchwork of family and friends comes together looking like one beautiful story. It is a story picturing hope and a future, not just one day.  Christina and Stefan did a perfect job for us.

Truly an Artist!

I used Christina after seeing her work at a couple of my friends weddings (we all got married within a year of each other), and I could not believe that a wedding photographer could actually capture my friends personalities. I was absolutely inspired by her work and was so excited to meet with her, I even changed my wedding date because she was booked that day with another wedding and I wanted her to be there. She made all of us feel so comfortable, and even when the weather wasn't cooperating (it rained a bit during our shoot) she took advantage of the moments that I was sure would have been forgotten. She is truly an artist, and I look forward to reccomending her to everyone I know who is getting married. My album was beautiful, my photos are beautiful and she helped make that day special and everlasting! 

Unique to Us!

Christina Engle does an amazing job of capturing your special day. I just LOVED that both she and her husband were able to photograph our wedding, there were so many different pictures! Christina likes to zoom in on the small intimate details and her husband pulls back and captures the big picture in his photographs. As my husband and I went over our pictures, we were able to see every detail of our wedding day and even some things that we missed. Furthermore, I appreciate how Christina works hard to make every wedding so unique. She doesn't just show up, take pictures and leave; she captures your day with your personality. I definitely reccomend Patchwork Photography!!!

The Little Moments!

I live in a different state, so I met Christina for the first time a couple days before the wedding. I immediately felt comfortable and relaxed around her, like I had known her for years. That is one of the reasons I think she is such a fabulous photographer, she brings out your true personalities and then captures it in a picture. When I first looked at my wedding pictures, I was instantly brought back to each moment, I could remember exactly how I felt and what I was thinking....I still love going through my pictures and reliving all the emotions I felt on my wedding day! She not only "documents" a special day, she freezes the moment in time so you can always go back and relive it. She has the rare gift of reading people and bringing out the best in them!

Nothing Better!

...there is nothing better when you are getting your pictures taken than feeling comfortable with the photographer and then also trusting that they are doing wonderful job. Patchwork photography brings that and so much more. Spend just 2 mins look at their website and you will see what I mean. Christina took our engagement photos and the whole time I was completely at ease. Her creativity,knowledge and passion for photography is incredible and the out come was exactly what we had hoped for! If you want unique, fun and excellent quality pictures, I would definitely choose Patchwork Photography.